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Why do corporates love Sports, especially marathons?

Running is a passion that has rapidly gain pace today in our country. India today hosts some of the biggest and toughest marathons and the participations have been increasing by the year. Today 1.3 million runners are participating in running events worldwide with a 42.9% leap from 2008 to 2018. In India alone, the jump has been 229% in the same period which is a big leap. Marathon is said to be the new golf which provides brands connect with the elitist customers. Big corporate house and brands are associating themselves with marathon properties to create and capitalize on their social capital. Marketers are able to target their target group directly and give lifetime experiences to people – moments & memories to share. The fact that runners are always loyal to the brands they use. Thus, engaging with people at the point of sweat always helps making the brand connect much stronger.

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