Kolkata Ultra at a glance

If running is in your thoughts and you want to put your mental strength and physical endurance to test, Kolkata Ultra is where you will find a group of individuals committed to achieving these goals. Healthy competition, encouraging each other to go that extra mile and push beyond the comfort zone makes a world of difference. After all running is only about you and just you. Your thoughts, the peace you experience and the world you see through your eyes while you run on the roads that others in their cars drive.

This could be just want you need to propel you onto the race track and into the distance beyond the finish line. Crossfit training which includes a blend of strength training workouts, high intensity interval training, cycling, yoga and swimming can do wonders to your improve your run. Nothing is easy, but then easy is not what gives you that high. The sweat, the pain, the hours of training are worth the effort when you get that finisher’s medal after a 10km, 21km or 42km run.

Why just stop at a full marathon? Kolkata Ultra’s runners who have done the Bangalore Ultra marathon of 100km are happy to mentor passionate runners to enter the zone of the unknown. There is a world beyond the closeted mind, there is a world of crazy runners of a different kind. We call ourselves Kolkata Ultra, because ‘We Can, we do”.

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